Friday, August 24, 2012

Papa God...

Papa God, Abba Father,

How I praise You that You are the "blessed controller of all circumstances." I praise You for the wonderful work You have done in designing and making our bodies. I praise You for Your presence, peace, and promises to Your children. I praise You for the awaiting incomparable glory and our new ageless, deathless bodies yet to come, perhaps even soon. Come, Lord Jesus!

Lord, to You all hearts are open, all desires known, and from You no secrets are hidden. It's no use trying to pull the wool over Your eyes. You see my perplexity and anxiety about the GI diagnostics this afternoon (and the IV preceding them). You made Your will clear that this is the next step and that it needs to happen sooner rather than later, but the suddenness of the new symptoms and the gamut of possible explanations bowled me over. But You know that already. You saw the tears on my Bible Tuesday morning.

Thank You for making a level path for us to change these tests from next month to today. Thank You for the medication help over the last week and the kind professionals who helped provide it. Thank You for nourishing foods that tasted good and went down well. And the chocolate cupcake with my Nonni for her birthday, too.

Thank You for the abundant ways You've ministered mercy to me this week:
for the unseasonable, astonishingly mild weather,
for the gorgeous sunrise we shared yesterday morning,
for the hummingbird which flew right up to the glass last evening, 6 inches away from me and nose to beak with only the glass between,
for hugs from family,
for my patient husband, so willing to be inconvenienced to take care of me,
for sleeping through the night, only waking once,
for hands held,
for a call from my Nonni this morning to scold us from the brownies we had delivered,
for a call from my youngest nephews to say their Bible memory verses to me,
for that last sweet cup of tea before the cut-off time for liquids today,
for my parents and Allen driving me and keeping me company,
for perfectly timed encouragement from my reading yesterday.
For all these and more, I thank You.

Here I present this body, Your body, one more time. It's Yours to do with as You please. You tell us to ask, though, so I'm asking: if You would, let these procedures go well and smoothly. Show the doctor the reason for the trouble, and please let it be one of the treatable options. Yet not my will, but Yours be done. (Oh, and would You mind letting the IV go smoothly this time?)

More importantly, though, make me brave to trust You with the courage of Christ Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Grant Your peace and a strong assurance of Your presence with my family and me. Prepare us for whatever You have prepared for us this day. Be glorified in us, no matter what, and use this to further Your work in Dr. T's life, whatever that entails.

Thank You, Lord. Thank You for the prayers of Your people on this little tinuviel bird's behalf. Thank You most of all for my High Priest and the Spirit interceding according to Your will. It's because of that Great High Priest, the Lord Jesus, that I can make bold to present these requests to You, trusting that You will cleanse and hear and answer in the best possible way what is asked in His name.


Update: The tests went well. We have a wait for results, but the initial news is good. Thank you for all your prayers. linking up with my friends Bonnie and Anne:
I Live in An Antbed

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