Thursday, April 29, 2021

Moonflower prayers

 Moonflower prayers
Trumpet fragrance into darkness,
Blooming unseen, past expectation,
From day-sown seed.

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Spring Prayer {A Poem}

God of the wildflowers,

I worship You.

Profligate sower of beauty

In unexpected fields of pink and white,

In a cluster of purple iris peeking 

Royal heads our from the underbrush,

In flashes of perfume lavished on wild honeysuckle vines

Scampering up tree, over bridge,

Like a schoolboy at recess--

I give You praise.

Forgive my disbelief

That You,

God of the wildflowers,

Would be any less generous

With me.

Let Your bright gaze

Open my heart

And affections

Like morning glories.

Monday, April 12, 2021

Creation's Song (a poem)

Creation sings God's praise
Day and night, though cities quake, 
Though the strongest fall. 

Breathe in His beauty;
Lean on His steadfast mercies.
Cry to God. He hears.

He shares our sorrow. 
He shelters beneath His wings. 
He fails not His own. 

Grace and faithfulness
Turn mourning into dancing;
Our Lord holds out hope.

Sunday, April 4, 2021

On Visiting the Arboretum After a Year at Home {A Poem}

On Visiting the Arboretum After a Year at Home


Splendiferous superfluity

Of shades and shapes

Staggered starved, sequestered senses,

As if stained glass shattered,

Shards sinking roots into soil,

Springing up in life


Is this how Dorothy felt,

Opening a storm-tossed

Kansas farmhouse door

Into the Technicolor world

Over the rainbow?


Or the Sunday morning mourners

Dropping the weight of embalming herbs,

Dropping the weight of their worries—

"Who will roll away the stone"—

Dropping the weight of their weeping—

"They have taken my Lord away"—

To run on lightened feet

Through lightening day

To the disciples—

"I have seen the Lord!"


Crlm, 3/28/21