Friday, June 17, 2011

Psalmist's Prayer

In honor of the Christian feast of Pentecost, which in 2011 was Sunday, June 12

Come, Spirit, come – in Thee I muse;
Illuminate my heart to choose
The words, the matter, rhythm, rhyme;
To draw men to Thy thoughts sublime.

Come, Spirit, come – O sacred flame,
Purge all that’s hostile to Thy Name,
The thorns and brambles, burn away;
Leave only roses for Thy Day.

Come, Spirit, come – O living stream,
Quench Thou my thirst till, like a dream,
Through desert heart a river flows
To water others as it goes.

Come, Spirit, come – Thou rushing wind,
Whose breath is life – Thy pure gust send
To vivify these dusty words
With the sharp strength of Thine own sword.

Come, Spirit, come – Thy holy song
Sound forth.  It is Thy tune I long
To sing to make Thy mercies known.
Minstrel and lay* – be all Thine own.

*tune, melody, or song


  1. Amen!!! Come, Spirit, Come! That is beautiful, dear!! :)

  2. Your poem is just gorgeous. The yearning for the Spirit comes through in a lovely, prayerful way.

  3. What a beautiful poem of prayer to read this morning. Thank you and blessings for the weekend.

  4. Thank you, Amy and Anna! God bless your weekends, too.


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