Friday, June 10, 2011

My Little Chickadee

“Speed Racer,” I call him,
His black helmet
Striped with white,
His body sleek and compact
Like a sportscar.

“Chi-chi-chi-chee!” he chortles
As he skids in for a pit stop
At the feeder.

Faster than a photo finish,
He zips off to the races again:
No time to stop,
No time to spare,
Chasing that checkered flag.

Cheeky bird can't even be still long enough to eat!

Getting acquainted with the diverse and unique birds just on our small property has increased my appreciation of God's beautiful creation. If that's not a playdate with God, I'm not sure what is. :) Sharing this with Laura's community...


  1. oh, those pics are stunning!

  2. @songskatesang Thank you! That means even more coming from you, pro that you are.

    You have no idea how many weeks I tried unsuccessfully to get him on camera. I actually wrote the poem out of frustration because his visits were faster than my camera hand. :)

    Blessings to you and yours this weekend!

  3. He is adorable!!! What great pictures! And I love your poem. :)

  4. I love those little black-capped chickadees! And I must agree--birding is one of the times I really feel the wonder of our God. They are amazing creatures--so diverse and beautiful. A lovely playdate, indeed!

  5. @Laura Birding has never really interested me. Allen got the feeder for himself, but it has utterly surprised me how interesting it is to learn to know a small, particular group of birds who come regularly. An unexpected blessing.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  6. love all your photos...from the berries to the birds...
    Thank you for pausing to capture His we get to share in it too.

  7. @KaraYou're welcome. The camera is one way I'm practicing celebration these days. I'm glad it's spilling over. Thank you for your encouragement.

  8. So lovely - photos and words! Birds are often a primary means of grace for me - love them, love them. And love lovely pictures of them like these.

    Diana at

  9. @dianaThank you, Diana! I'm so glad these gave you joy. Grace and peace to you today in Christ Jesus.


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