Friday, September 10, 2010


Our roses weathering Wednesday's storms

“Lord, don’t You care that I’m drowning?
If one more wave breaks against my little boat,
Surely I cannot survive.”

Wind and waves,
Fulfilling His word.

“Lord, how can I live through another blow?
At Your word these trials must cease.
Have mercy; hear my cry.”

His touch on my hip, my strength, my health.
Pinned flat.  Nowhere to look
But at Him.

“Master, how can I serve You like this?
Unless You withdraw Your hand, I must perish.
Have mercy; hear my cry.”

Heard at last:
It is that “I” whose death I fear,
Not the storms at sea,
Which causes pain. 
Yet only after death
Does resurrection come.

“I will not let Thee go
Until Thou bless me.”

A piece from the Rose Garden Gazette archives, 2001-2002

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