Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A Poem on Intercession

Weary, yet Pursuing
(from Judges 8:4, 4/16/2007)

No shield-maiden of Rohan am I;
No Jael among the tents;
No Queen Suriyothai charging on elephant’s back—

Never did I plead to bear arms
And plunge into the fray
Alongside the warriors.

How much more content
To support the troops from home—
Knitting socks,
Writing letters,
Baking encouragement for care packages.

But when dark princes strike at
My beloved ones,
How can I remain safe
In the castle’s keep?

Now, though, the battle rages on too long.
My arms have long since tired
Of bearing shield and sword.
Send some relief to fight for me
Or strengthen drooping arms,
Lest others fall
Through my failure.

If you are fighting the hard, discouraging fight of intercession today and growing faint with the prolonged effort, may the Lord strengthen your hands to keep pursuing His glory despite your weariness.  As He did with Moses, may He send you an Aaron and Hur to hold up your arms till the battle is won.

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