Monday, September 20, 2010

Glimpses of Gratitude 5: Bookish Edition

Alternate title:  Where I Spent Summer Vacation

Summer is not the friend of lupus.  The intensity of the UV light can trigger symptoms and flares.  Consequently, we are learning to shift travel to fall, winter, and spring for best results.  (Our lack of children's school schedule to navigate helps immensely in this.)

That said, this summer has not been void of exploration.  Big Al and I began June with a museum day in Fort Worth and a visit to my grandmother.  July started with nearly a week in New Braunfels with his family.

Then the doctor grounded me.

For the rest of the summer, I had to content myself with questing in Arthur's England;  a glimpse into the life of a writer with lupus through her letters from her mother's farm in central Georgia; English village politics and pots of tea; and visiting mid-century Midland, Texas, and traveling to halls of state around the world with a former first lady.

And all that with a passport which expired in July!  But, um, that should probably be our little secret.

From the gratitude journal list, #936-948:
936. No new dental issues from last week's check-up
937. No vision complications from lupus medications (the other annual check-up this week)
938. Opportunity to trust the Lord with my vision anyway, as tests showed a tiny cyst that could cause problems if it grows (more diagnostics next month)
939. Ability to read
940. A terrific library system
941. Freedom to explore other times and places through books
942. Parents who taught me to read and read to me often
943. Grandparents' examples of voracious reading
944. Decades of friendships sourced in books and discussions about them
945. Help with my own "stuff" as I look through the windows of story into others' journeys
946. Encouragement from unexpected sources
947. An embarrassment of riches in free access to multiple Bible translations in my heart language, on paper, online, and in my ears.
948. Those hard at work translating the Scriptures to get Bibles to the Bibleless

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