Monday, September 27, 2010

Glimpses of Gratitude 6: A Dog's Life

Hi, dere.  Dis Ebony Dawg here.  My mama sez I gots to do dis today cuz she's on staycation or sumpin and not working on compewter dis week.  Not sure what dat staycation word means.  "Stay" I git.  "Cat" I git (blech!).  The "ion" part at the end I'm not so sure about but I hope it's fud or a belly rub or sumpin else good like dat.

Or sittin on de couch keepin de peeples out of trouble with a cartoon.  Still gittin dem trained.  Honestly, sometimes it's like herding cats.

So anyway, dat's what's going on here dis week.  Oh, and I'm sposed to say thanks for some stuff, too.  Here's my thankful list:
  • a family to love me and bring me home from the shelter
  • bacon
  • belly rubs
  • rawhide bones and my Kong and my treat ball
  • blankies
  • my couch and my big chair and my beds
  • walks with Dad by the creek
  • bacon
  • licking the peeples' frozen yogurt cup
  • chasing squirrels
  • bacon
  • havin all my peeples at home where I can keep my eyes and paws on them
OK? OK.  That's it.  Bye now!

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