Monday, September 6, 2010

Glimpses of Gratitude 3

Today is Labor Day in the United States.  It is a welcome three-day weekend for us and a chance for teachers to take a breath after the first leg of the new school year.  Let it also serve as a blessed reminder to thank God for the often invisible laborers whose service supports and sustains our lives and comforts.

Personally, I am so very thankful to my Father for
  • kind, helpful nurses, lab techs, and pharmacists
  • sanitation workers
  • road maintenance crews
  • mail carriers, UPS delivery, and all the other people who enable me to shop from home
  • our vet and the good folks at the kennel who take care of our dog when we need to travel
  • grocery employees of all stripes
  • gas station attendants and mechanics
  • baristas
  • cleaning professionals
  • airline staff and pilots
  • educators, librarians, and their support staff
  • government workers, from the parks and recreation team that maintain our favorite park to the utilities workers to the city, state, and federal elected officials
  • the many, many folks involved in food growth, transport, preparation, sales, and service
  • those who do hard, physical labor in the seldom-hospitable outdoors maintaining homes, public buildings, and landscapes
  • the global network of information technology professionals who facilitate communication with distant loved ones, banking and trade, learning, worship for those unable to attend a physical gathering, and so many other things I'm not even aware of
  • and those who put themselves in harm's way to protect the rest of us: the police, fire departments, paramedics, and armed forces
As long as the list seems, there are many omissions.  Please chime in through the comments with your own thanksgivings I've overlooked.  Oh, and if you're counting, these would be #684-699.

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