Monday, November 29, 2010

Glimpses of Gratitude 15: Family Grace

Thanksgiving came and went quietly in our home this year, but quiet is good right now.  We were grateful to spend time with both sets of parents and two of our sisters.  We have not always enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with family for this holiday and were not certain my stamina would allow it this year, so we by no means took that joy for granted.

Both families kindly, cheerfully, and generously bore the cost of my limitations in order to include me.  My husband and I spent the morning listening to a favorite choral Christmas CD and building the border of a puzzle.  My mother carried my usual share of the cooking as well as her own, and my dad and sister helped with the dishes.  The bulk of the day found us on the sofas at their home, resting and watching a Christmas movie and the requisite Cowboys game.

On Saturday, a sister-in-law drove across Dallas-Fort Worth with my second parents to eat barbecue and drink hot tea.  This time was a special gift, and we thoroughly enjoyed their afternoon at Wits' End with us.  All of them live too far away for me to go to them this year, and we truly appreciate their sacrifice to come to us so that we could both visit with them without strain.

Not every family could or would arrange their holiday plans around the weakest member, but mine did this year, and I am truly grateful.

Furthermore, I thank my God and Father
2036. That both our families are kin not just by blood or by marriage but also in Christ
2037. Roast turkey and all the fixings
2038. Leftovers
2039. Cranberry sauce and toasted walnuts in my oatmeal
2040. Frosty mornings
2041. Quilts to cuddle beneath
2042. Having my husband just a hug away for a whole extra day last week
2043. Laughter with family
2044. Christmas carols
2045. Frosty mornings
2046. Attending church together as a couple
2047. Partaking of the Lord's Supper
2048. Praise music
2049. Breath to sing it
2050. Leaves on the Bradford pear trees finally turning
2051. Seeing "A Gift from Nonni" on a magazine label
2052. Shelter of a warm house
2053. Food in refrigerator and pantry
2054. Adequate employment
2055. God's extravagant generosity toward us
2056. Happy memories

holy experience

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