Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Something about the latest chapter in My Life, the Science Project, specifically the new adventure of seeking acupuncture therapy for my chronic pain issues, has brought out the punniness in my family. In case that word is unfamiliar to you, that's probably because I might have just invented it. Here's a working definition:
punniness: noun, a quality or tendency to attempt humor by way of plays on words, poss. eliciting laughter from the punner and groans from the hearers
To save you having to ask,
punner: noun, one who makes puns
Don't say you weren't warned. Read on at your own risk.

Truth be told, I started the pun-fest with this text message:
Taking a stab at acupuncture Fri @ 10.  More to the point, acupuncture is taking a stab at me.
Allen continued it by greeting me after my second appointment with the words, "So I'm on pins and needles. How did acupuncture go?"

My dad may win the prize for creative acupuncture jokes so far with this text message last week:
I tried to water our bushes earlier but the hose had several leaks which made me think of you. How did appt go today? :)
So what's my point, you may ask. First of all, I have neglected to give you an update, and curiosity and concern may have been needling a few of you kind friends. The first two sessions went well. No dramatic change occurred after the first appointment, but for most of last week my pain, especially the back pain, was noticeably better. Correlation does not always indicate causation, but for now we are sticking with this new line of treatment. In fact, I'm minutes away from leaving for the next point-appointment as I write this. We must be punctual. [Update: Appointment number three went fine. It didn't seem to help my ankle this time, but my back hurts less than before the treatment.] Thank you for your continued prayers.

Secondly, the last week has been challenging in ways not pertaining to my health. At such times, laughter is more valuable than ever. In that light, feel free to sharpen up your sense of humor and share your best acupuncture pun or joke in the comments. It's ok to poke a little fun at me. Take your best shot. The funniest clean joke or real-life humor you've encountered lately is also welcome. (It's probably not necessary to ask, but please make a point to be respectful and courteous to any other people or groups involved in your joke or story. I reserve the right to moderate comments.)

More importantly even than laughter, let me begin the week with gratitude to God, the Author of laughter and joy. Thank You, Lord,

for laughter
for joy mingled together with the sorrows You allow for our good
for hugs from friends
for a small but perfectly chosen Bible study group Wednesday
for lunch with a friend from there afterward
for whole wheat pancakes and scrambled eggs
for the Lord's nearness to the brokenhearted
for hymns of Christ and the Cross on Sunday
for the kind, gentle acupuncturist
for e-mails from friends
for friends who act in parallel and find out later
for new butterfly bookmarks

for horsing around with Allen at a nearby retail/restaurant/residential development

for Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal having breakfast together on our back porch and not minding my camera behind the glass

for a phone visit with Nonni this afternoon
for hearing my youngest sister's voice on the phone three times in four days, a rarity
for an hour's visit with a friend before her surgery later this week
for a birthday package happily surprising its recipient
for bluebonnets in waiting (still!) at the park where I enjoyed them last year
for wild, crazy temperature swings reminding us that this is Texas, after all
for frozen whole wheat pizza dough easily prepared
for "blessings all mine, and ten thousand beside"
(gratitude journal #10,036-10,057 over two years; starting again at #1 on Wednesday)

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