Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Thou Art the Same God {Part Two: God of Today}

This is part two of a three-part poem. Part one is here; part three should publish next Wednesday.

II.                    The God of my today: darkened, not distant

Not a tame Lion. . .
“Of course, not safe, but good. . .”
“Both good and terrible at the same time. . .”
Thou art good,
And doest good;
Teach me Thy commandments.

And then. . . what?
Forsaken me?


“I will never leave you or forsake you.”
“Thou art the same Lord,
whose property is always to have mercy.”

Sometimes hidden,
Never absent,
The Lion in the fog
Between the path and the abyss.
You hem me in, behind and before;
Your love has laid hold of me
And will not let me go.
“I AM; do not be afraid.”
I fear no evil,

[1] Greek, “May it never be!”


  1. In reading your post previous to this one, I was struck by the hymn's words regarding mercy. And now I am reading this beautiful poem of yours and the line, "In wrath, remember mercy!" jumps clean off the page. And I think perhaps this remembrance of mercy is life-sustaining truth in all things--In loss, remember mercy! In suffering, remember mercy! In loneliness, remember mercy! In discipline, remember mercy! In all things, remember mercy!

    Thoroughly appreciating your three-part poem here and looking forward the the conclusion next week. May you know His mercy ever more deeply today and in the days ahead.

  2. thank you for the second part of your poem! i like the way you wove together so many elements--the book of Habbakuk, the prayer of Humble Access, Shasta crossing over the mountains into Narnia...

    may you and yours be hemmed in and held fast by our Lord's love...

  3. YOU ARE. yes, the Great I AM.
    This is a perfect continuation from part one. I took a walk in a foggy morning yesterday. When I came home my hair was drenched. I love the thought of the Lion in fog, covering us though hidden.
    Looking forward to what's next. . .


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