Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Thou Art the Same God {Part One: God of Yesterdays}

This is part one of a three-part poem written a decade ago. The other sections should post the following two Wednesdays while I adjust to some changes in schedule and circumstance. Lord willing, I will read your comments and pray for you, but thank you for understanding if I am unable to interact with you as I prefer and enjoy to do.

I.                    The God of my yesterdays:  memorial stones

The Lion,
Whose pursuit struck terror
In my runaway heart
Until my legs crumpled in exhaustion,
And You picked me up with velvet paws
And whispered in my ear
That You were shorn and slain,
The Lion a Lamb
For this black sheep.

The Lion,
Who carried me on Your back
Through labyrinthine doctrines,
Hedged about with cliffs and shadows,
Into Your truth and love.
You opened Your book
And told me Your story,
My story.
The Lion a Shepherd,
Teaching me to trust You.

A Lion still,
And bared Your claws to wound me,
Drops of tears and blood
Commingling in the pain
Until my legs crumpled beneath me,
And You picked me up with velvet paws
And whispered in my ear
That only weakness draws all eyes
To Your radiant strength.


  1. how could we not understand? lifting you up in love to our good Lord...

  2. This is so beautiful...thank you for posting it. "Only weakness draws all eyes to Your radiant strength." YES. May you and I both hold onto that Truth as we navigate the days of chronic illness. I needed to be reminded today. And I suspect tomorrow. And the day after. I just read the Chronicles of Narnia for the first time this past year and I'm so glad I did--not just because they were glorious and so full of Hope and Him but because this writing of yours means so much more to me in light of that reading. Grace to you today, Friend--right this minute.

  3. Very much sourced in Narnia. I'm very sorry this was a tough day for you. Thank God for using this small thing to remind you you are not alone. Thank you, dear one, and grace to you also. May God grant deep, restful sleep tonight to make tomorrow better.

  4. Terrible and fearful until we realize He is our fierce protector and friend. Velvet paws to hold us. I like that.

  5. It's all so real. The last two lines seem especially poignant. His velvet paws and whispers of truth. . . such a beautiful way to illustrate. I look forward to more.


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