Thursday, January 12, 2012

For the Ugly Days

For the ugly, upside-down, used-up days,
For the soggy, sorry, sadsack days,
When naps and tempers run short and nights and lists stretch long,
When life feels like slogging through a muddy pit in stocking feet,
When even my gratitude is growled,
When I hate the things I'm doing and thinking but can't seem to find the solid ground,

Grace came for such as these, for sinners like me.

For the helpless (strike one),
for the ungodly (strike two)
Christ died.
For sinners (strike three) He died;
enemies (strike four*) He reconciled.

On the days I feel disqualified for anything else,
I qualify for grace.
Return to the cross, O my soul.
Let the Grace-Man wash you clean.

*Grateful acknowledgement to Dottie Connor Bingham of Gracestoration for the four-strikes-and-you're-qualified idea.


  1. Reading this is a comforting clean up for ugly days. Adore. So thankful I qualify for grace.

  2. Well done. And I plan on borrowing "soggy, sorry, sadsack day" the next time I have one. Thank you for the card and the tea bag. I haven't yet used the tea bag, but I will. I haven't yet mailed your package, but I will.

    We went to the zoo today. The animals were frisky in the most scandalous sense of the word. It gave me hope that spring is coming. And maybe Aslan, too.

  3. Thank you. Be my guest on the borrowing, but I hope it's a good while before you need to.

    "Spring is coming," you say. I was just thinking of that post (the one you used for the bulletin board) from last year in connection with you. Do you remember?

    Praying for your spring to come soon, friend.

  4. I really like this! (Right from the pouty-lips pic straight through.) Maybe I ought to memorize it!!
    ;) Thanks.

  5. Glad to be of service. Thank *you.*

  6. "On the days I feel disqualified for anything else, I qualify for grace." This is beautiful. And so true. I'm so glad I stopped by. :)

  7. Thank you, Denise. I'm glad you found something helpful here. Grace and peace to you in Christ.

  8. Just--thank you for this. You have given perfect voice to "the ugly days." As usual, your word choice is exquisite and so very alive. There've been a few ugly days of slogging and growling and general disqualification of late. But this truth--"on the days I feel disqualified for anything else, I qualify for grace"--it should be emblazoned on the wall here, to remind of the one thing we most need on the ugly days.


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