Sunday, January 21, 2024

Unimprisoned God

Ruby-crowned kinglet on a snowy day

O Omnipresent God,
Unhindered by any door, deadbolt, or lock:
We who worship alone today
Within the walls of our homes or rooms or curtained hospital beds or unsheltered in the open air
Offer you our solitude as sacrifice of praise,
In gratitude for the gritty faith of the many in the great cloud of witnesses
Who themselves worshipped in prisons of stones or caves or holes in the ground,
In exile and in illness;
In solidarity with many today imprisoned by poor health or sin's consequences or the unjust decisions of the powerful— 
Some deprived of all contact with the world outside—
Companion us in all our lonely lamentations; 
Shine Your light into our darkness to show the gold gleam of the most holy place of Your presence; 
Unite us in the spiritual communion of the saints, one body in Christ beyond time or space;
Remind each one that no child of Yours is ever truly alone,
for you are with us always in love and grace
For the glory of Your holy name.

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