Tuesday, January 2, 2024

A Prayer for the Threshold of the Year

Listen to me pray this over you.

Eternal God,

Thank you for the blessings Your hand  has provided us this year.

We bring you the challenges You have carried us through,

The wounds and disappointments we need You to heal,

The ones that may never heal this side of Heaven,

The lessons You’ve taught us,

The lessons we’ve still failed to learn,

The accomplishments You have worked for us.

All of them we offer You as material for sacrifice.

In all these things Your hand has been working, whether we knew it or not.

In all these things Your love has been working, whether we knew it or not.

You are the alpha and omega,

Beginning and end,

Author and finisher of our faith.

You have carried us through all this year,

And you already await us in the new one.

You have never forsaken us and will not forsake us now.

Grant us grace and strength for today

And tomorrow

And all the tomorrows remaining to us until we see Your face in death or the soon return of Christ.

May Your love be our rest,

Your power our security,

Your communion our hope.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ,


31 December 2023

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