Sunday, December 31, 2017

Good: Retrospective

Gratuitous Ebony photo ;)

A one-word tether to truth:
The storms have raged;
Seismic shifts have shaken our circumstances;
But You are good,
And good you do.[1]

Good Shepherd,
You laid down Your life for me.[2]
No good thing else will You withhold.[3]
Triune God,
You cause all, affliction too,
To cooperate for good
To Your called children who love You.[4]

I say, “Show me Your glory.”
You say, “I will show you My goodness.”[5]
Your goodness carried me through this good, hard year;
If Your presence goes not with me,
Lead me not across the threshold of the next.[6]

May Your goodness be my vanguard, to protect and prepare,
My rear guard, to redeem and restore,
And my Commander beside me to command and encourage.

Not of my own goodness,
But because of the goodness of Christ,
I offer You these crumbs;
In His name I pray.

[1] Ps. 119:68
[2] John 10
[3] Ps. 84:11
[4] Rom. 8:28
[5] Ex. 33:18-19
[6] Ex. 33:15

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