Monday, January 1, 2018

Reminders from Spurgeon on the Threshold of the Year

"We rejoice that we will never have to change our confidence, for our God will never be carried into captivity or torn from his throne. Our faith is built on a rock that can never be moved.
Nothing in the past has shaken the foundation of our faith.
Nothing in the present can move it.
Nothing in the future will undermine it.
Whatever may occur in the ages to come, there will always be good reason for believing in Jehovah and his faithful Word.
The great truths he has revealed will never be disproved.
The great promises he has made will never be retracted.
The great purposes he has devised will never be abandoned.
So long as we live, we will always have a refuge, a hope, a confidence, that can never be removed...."

"The Lord is good to us in all tenses and in all ways."

And again:
"God's acts of faithful love in the past help us in three ways in the present:
first, they aid us in prayer to know what God has done for His people in the past;
second, they support our faith because we know God can accomplish anything He wishes;
and third, they provide happiness for His people in the present when we rest in what He has already done for us."

May we raise our Ebenezer over the trials and triumphs of 2017:
"Thus far the Lord has helped us!"
May His unchanging faithfulness give us courage to step boldly into 2018,
trusting that He will help us again.
He is good in all tenses and in all ways.

Courage, dear hearts!

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