Saturday, March 14, 2015

Spring Tea at the Arboretum

For Christmas and my birthday combined, my sister Mezzo promised to take me to the Dallas Arboretum for afternoon tea. Our coldest, iciest weather arrived late in the season, but the forecast offered milder fare this week, so we made our reservations.

Yesterday we met at her home and went to our tea at the DeGolyer House inside the Arboretum grounds. The morning proved overcast rather than the promised sun, and the clouds meant a slight chill lingered even past eleven o'clock.

We had a lovely feast of a meal with our server Nelson looking after us as graciously as though we were the ladies of Downton Abbey. Soup, tea sandwiches, three different hot teas, scones, and sweets more than filled our stomachs, and the lovely environment, fireplace, and classical background music soothed our souls as we caught up on our lives.

The sun began to burn away the clouds and warm the air as we emerged from the restaurant, and we walked through the beginnings of spring color in the gardens before leaving to return to the joys and pains of everyday life.


Photo credit: Mezzo

Photo credit: Mezzo

DeGolyer House exterior

Double tulip

Double tulip

Dinosaur Kale


(There really are lovely photos of Mezzo and of the two of us, but as yet I do not have permission to post those here. If that changes, I will return and update the post.)

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