Saturday, March 21, 2015

No Regrets and Throwing All to the Winds

"I give you as a precious jewel a word from Colossian Studies which came to me afresh this morning. It is Bishop Moule's rendering of  'Unto all pleasing' (chapter 1.10). 'To all meeting of His wishes--so as not only to obey explicit precepts but as it were to anticipate in everything His 'sweet, beloved will' always, everywhere.' This is life. No other life is worth living. The Lord make it true of your life and of mine.

"Looking ahead, if He tarry, I can see for you attack of many kinds, painful days, travail. But this I know:  you will regret nothing when you look back, except lack of faith or fortitude or love. You will never regret having thrown all to the winds in order to follow your Master and Lord. Nothing will seem too much to have done or suffered, when, in the end, we see Him and the marks of His wounds; nothing will ever seem enough. Even the weariness of deferred hope will be forgotten, in the joy that is not of earth. And even now the overweights of joy are often more than we had asked or thought.

"I shall not fear difficulties for you, for I know 'it is the very work of grace to transform difficulties into opportunities'--a word of Paget's The Spirit of Discipline which I have proved true. But I shall ask that the greater the difficulty, the more abundant the supply of love may be, so that you will love your way through all and prove the conquering power of love--eternal love."

   ~Amy Carmichael, Candles in the Dark, bold emphasis mine

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