Saturday, October 12, 2013

Moonflower Prayers {Reflections on Prayer}

Moonflower prayers
Trumpet fragrance into darkness,
Blooming unseen, past expectation,
From day-sown seed.

Thanks be to God, who gives mercies like manna, apportioned according to each day's need. From the past week:
God's steadiness supporting me in a roller coaster of a week,
landing hard a few times on the Rock of refuge,
enjoyable family dinner last weekend,
a very smooth HIDA scan Monday,
a visit from our little neighbor girl Monday night,
my second-youngest nephew trusting Christ for salvation Monday evening,
my grandmother's courage to leave her home of 51 years,
God's provision through my grandfather of a very nice new home for her,
the happiness in her voice lifting some of the sadness I felt,
ghosts of many good memories and a few tearful at the empty house,
the butterfly migration arriving at just the right moment,
a timely emailed encouragement from a reader I've not met,
blessed fellowship at our last Ephesians Bible study,
test results showing clearly the reason for my abdominal pain,
two new doctors this week,
21 pages of paperwork yet to be completed,
good, inexpensive copiers at the office store for medical records,
rich, encouraging fellowship with a seminary friend over a three-hour lunch,
honeycomb words,
picking up a friendship after a few years out of touch with each other,
praying together to close our time,
hopeful interview for a loved one in need of employment,
blessed rain moving into the area,
time with my beloved this evening.
(gratitude journal 2132-2155)

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