Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Another Month, Another Multitude. . .

Last week, as September 2013 raced toward the finish line, my gratitude journal turned the page on gift #2000. To be clear, I did not count one thousand in one month, although God gave many more than that. It just seemed fitting to have crossed that mark near the turn of the calendar page.

Thank You, Lord, for all Your blessings:
for Your faithfulness through another month,
for the roses Amore brought home,
for 3 more weeks from today in my walking boot (or until the ankle is no longer tender to the touch),
for protecting my little nephew Thunder from any worse harm than 2 extracted baby teeth and emergency oral surgery due to a trampoline accident,
for lunch with a Bible study friend,
for lunch and Sunday worship with my parents,
for full days demanding conscious reliance on You,
for no problems with a fasting diagnostic test last week,
for another one ahead next week and the assurance of companionship there,
for the flu vaccine,
for one lone butterfly in the lantana yesterday,

for this irresistible face,

for our state senator's commitment to stand for his beliefs even if that stand doesn't seem to "pay off" in political terms,
for a brief phone conversation with my youngest sister,
for my grandmother's recovery progress from an upper respiratory infection,
for the gift of a weekday lunch with Amore, complete with cupcakes,
and for the welcome gift of the right message at the right time for me.

(still counting...#2024-2040)

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