Friday, February 10, 2012

Surrender {Poem}

Sorry about the poetry jag the blog seems to have taken recently. Any suggestions to remedy that? Multiple conversations this week, in person and in pixels, have reminded me of this piece that I personally never stop needing to revisit.

Thanks for your prayers for R. Monday. We don't know the details, but he was back at work yesterday, so it seems God granted our requests. May He give you joy and sincere worship this weekend. ~cm

Thy will be done— 
Four little words,
Mighty in the divine fiat
To tumble mountains,
Overthrow kingdoms;
Open prison bars,
Shut lions’ mouths;
Strengthen Gethsemanes,
Cheat death of its prey.

Mere syllables—
As You wish,
A verbal curtsy—
To unleash the Lion of Judah
Into the jungle of my circumstances.
On close inspection,
Wasn’t the back door of His cage
Open all along?
Yet in meekness
The Lion waits,
Until I bid Him
Do His bidding.

Thy will be done
The noblest petition,
Choosing His choice;
The one prayer
Never refused,
Always heard,
Had for the asking.


  1. Don't stop the poetry! The beauty and the conciseness of your words contain such insight. This is particularly meaningful to me today. I'm wrestling with what he's asking me to lay down--is it really his will? Or is it my stubbornness?

    Either way, if I ask for HIS will be done, I can trust the Lion will step out and do it. Thanks, Christina!

  2. Thank you, Lisa. May God grant you grace in the laying down whatever Isaac is at stake right now. It's hard, I know, but it's the only way we find peace and blessing, isn't it? Thanks be to Him for giving us brothers and sisters to cheer us on.

  3. Thankful R is back at work!
    LOVE the poetry. As the Spirit leads, always. If that's poetry, all the better.
    As You wish —a verbal curtsy. So good.
    All so good. Thank you for sharing. Blessings for a good weekend.

  4. Your message is so dear to this mother's heart! Letting the Lion loose - but needing to ask - a message I've been giving one of my sons who said, "God knows. I don't need to task" - but he does need to ask:)

    I've been in a poetry-frame of mind, too. Maybe it is the way to handle issues that are almost too big for our hearts and minds to fully grasp - and poetry allows us to handle those issues with grace:) Like your poem!

  5. Funny: I was just remembering today that God does not thrust Himself upon us. I'm receiving this as confirmation.

  6. "Only,
    On close inspection,
    Wasn’t the back door of His cage
    Open all along?"

    Love it! (made me chuckle)

    This poetry bug could be catching. I think I feel something coming on...

    Thankful that R. was back at work Thursday. Was praying.

  7. Say "yes" to poetry! Judging by the other comments here, I suspect your poetry jag may well have something to do with the fact that your readers are needing poetic musings right now--God has this way of stirring in us to speak in a way that ministers both to us and to the ones listening to us. I have been enjoying the poetry and it's been inspiring--so don't stop on my account.

    "Not my will but yours" has been my constant mantra these last weeks as I've been praying through some hard things. It's funny because until now that phrase always felt like submission, restriction--putting myself and my desires in a cage. But you've expressed the truer reality here--that it's really opening the door for God to do as He will. And that explains why this mantra has been so reassuring to me lately, to know that I can pour out my heart and my desires without fear that I'm choosing the wrong things--because as you so beautifully stated here, I'm "choosing His choice" and I can rest in knowing that His choice is always best.

    Grace to you this week, Friend.


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