Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Yielding Our Most Precious Things

This concluding quote from Sunday's sermon keeps me pondering:
It costs much to obtain the power of the Spirit:
it costs self-surrender and humiliationand the yielding up of our most precious things to God;it costs the perseverance of long waiting,and the faith of strong trust.But when we are really in that power we shall find this difference,that whereas before it was hard for us to do the easiest things,now it is easy for us to do the hardest things.(Adoniram Judson Gordon, The Holy Spirit in missions: six lectures, pp. 209-210,accessed 11/14/2011, formatting mine)

"The yielding up of our most precious things to God..."

"The perseverance of long waiting..."

"The faith of strong trust..."

Here in the long waiting, needing strong trust, what "most precious things" have I not yet yielded to my Creator and Redeemer? What part of self am I still holding in reserve? This dream, that relationship, this plan, that acquisition...

All of it, Lord? You really want it all?

Yielding, perseverance, faith - I don't much like these things. (Where's the dessert cart instead?) But easy to do the hard, power of the Spirit, presence of the Spirit - yes, yes, that would be nice.

Today I'm in the waiting, the listening, the weighing, seeking to learn from these wise and challenging words. Perhaps I'm not the only one?

May God grant grace for us to yield what we think most precious in order to grow in knowing Him who is above all most precious.

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  1. I think He wants that deep, dark room I have in my heart where I store my past hurts. They keep me in bondage and inhibit me from walking in freedom to love and serve Him.

  2. I really appreciate this message.

  3. That quote. Wow. I just read it three times. And of course, you're not the only one:) I find it is such a daily journey, moment by moment to find what I've grabbed back from God. Your last line is a quote unto itself which I'm going to write down. All of this, so good. As always, thank you. Prayers in the waiting and prayers in seeking the Most Precious. Blessings.

  4. That IS a great quote with much to think about. I know I withhold, sometimes simply confused as to what it really means to yield something to Him.

  5. Oh, wow. Such a wonderful and weighty quote. I'm glad you broke it down, it seems easier to take in that way. This is the hardest for me--that total surrender. And, really? Why? He is so good. He has been so faithful. I let the ways of man limit my view of God sometimes. Work in progress...

  6. Me, too! I want to be so willing. To give it all up. But, I'll start tomorrow. :) What an incredible Gift it is, given in His most tender Mercy for us to desire Him, to hunger and thirst for Him. I keep praying that for my children that they will hunger and thirst for Him more than for the air they breathe. Me, too! Help me hunger, Lord. Insatiable, all consuming hunger.

    Thank you, dear Christina, for always, ALWAYS pointing me to HIM!! I SO LOVE that about you! :)

  7. Oh, Jen, thank you for this honest glimpse into your heart. Thanks be to God that He is light in our darkness and the willing, capable liberator of captives of all sorts. Grace to you today in Jesus.

  8. You are too kind, dear Amy. Before the throne with you all day today.

  9. May the Lord grant clarity, Jan, and guide you in your desire to obey Him and yield your all. Grace and peace to you in Jesus.

  10. Isn't it funny how a simple formatting change makes so much difference? But then, I always liked diagramming sentences in school too. You are so right that God's goodness is linked to our surrender. Right now I'm memorizing Psalm 34:8 for that very reason ("Taste and see..."). We're all works in progress. Thanks be to God that He promises to finish what He's begun (Phil. 1:6). Grace and peace to you, sister.

  11. Tomorrow... Yes, just like any other habit change. I'm the same. You offer a beautiful thought and prayer, for hunger and thirst for Him. So wise and brave. That emptiness is not comfortable, but Jesus said it is blessed. I'm longing for Home today, so your comment blesses me. Come soon, Lord Jesus.
    (Thank you for the encouragement too!)


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