Monday, November 28, 2011

Tastes of His Goodness

Taste and see that the LORD is good;
How happy is the man who takes refuge in Him!
Psalm 34:8, HCSB

Tastes of God's goodness for which I'm thanking Him:
lowest pain day when I most wanted it
waking up to voicemail from one of the TNTS youth
sister's family coming to visit
nephew hugs
three silly Snoopy-spinners
soft places to land
four hands (or six or eight) on the piano keys
surprise visit from aunt, cousin, and cousin's little girl (second cousin?)
turkey and fixings
three pies, sister-made
leftovers to take home
Cheetos for the last course before dessert??
Ticklemonster alive and well
flowers still blooming
visit and meal with same TNTS young man, home from college for the weekend
endurance enough for church
long nap afterward
Penderwicks books from the library
memories of adventures with my own sisters
Christmas decorations slowly coming together
gifts to wrap
Nativity scene set out
wise men wandering
making my Nonni laugh

(from the gratitude journal in the 2200s)

I hope your Thanksgiving, if you celebrated it, was full of joy. That was my prayer for you Crumbles. Where have you tasted God's goodness lately?

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  1. I was excited to put my nativity scene out too, and more excited when my daughter discovered it!

  2. How nice to have that connection! Blessed Advent to you, Emily.

  3. I taste and see His goodness in those sweet little fingers and toes. Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with happy faces and memories. I did too. Blessings, friend.

  4. Soft places to land? Did you fall?!!

    Love the pictures! Glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving week filled with Love! :)

  5. this just makes me smile and smile. So rich. So many blessings. Thank you, Lord.

  6. Thankfully, no. The nephews were so enthusiastic in their Snoopy spins that they got dizzy and "crashed" on the nearest available lap or rug. :) Thanks for the concern! I hope your family gathering was just as full of love.

  7. So much good. ALL the photos amazed me: love white flowers, and little hands and feet and such smiles:) Thankful you enjoyed your Thanksgiving. Have so much fun with the Penderwicks!

  8. Sounds like a blessed time; I'm so glad.

  9. for me, it's a taste of God's goodness that, over the Thanksgiving day weekend, His blessings to you on the physical side put you in a better position to savor the blessing of all the love and companionship He laid on for you and Allen.

  10. lovely pictures...I love...lowest pain day when I wanted it the most...I know have known that...I am so blessed to see your heart glad you tasted God's goodness to you...
    blessings to you...

  11. Beautiful pics and list. My husband often remarks on his wonder at the design and capability of the human hand. Looking at the big and little hands - and feet - made me think of that. And oh, that perfect white rose!


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