Friday, August 19, 2011

Contemplation {A Poem}

photo from 2010 archives

If I make myself quite still,
A poem will know me as innocuous
And perch upon my resting hand.
~crm, 9/2007

Progress in PT has continued, but it is time-consuming and hard work. Last week's energy surge has dissipated, so I am trying to slow and still. I miss spending time with you here on the comments. Thank you for grace and your prayers. May God fill your weekend with His joy and peace!


  1. Lovely, so lovely. Your words are so very beautiful.

    I am thankful to hear an update--I've wondered how things were going for you. :) Hope your weekend is filled with much recuperative, peaceful rest.

  2. Oh, I so feel that way! Have a wonderful weekend. Praying for you!

  3. you're not just missing, but missed! but still and slow is good under the (PT) cirx*, as well as possibly helping induce poems to alight...

    *is 'cirx' for 'circumstances' just anglo, or do they say it in the states as well?

  4. That picture, those words—a picture of beauty.
    Trust the slow work of God, truly.
    I'm so deep in beginning full time school with the girls again that writing/reading on-line is a challenge. In some small way, I think I understand.
    May PT continue to go well. Grace Always~amy
    p.s. Tea Girl Soap is in Etsy now, I hear. I wish I could send you a bar!! The smell might be like smelling salts:)

  5. I've been pushing too hard and feel like I have no words. Grumpy. Tired. Here's to energy and poetry all around! (((Christina)))


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