Monday, February 28, 2011

Be Mary First

Mondays are the days I'm most tempted to overdo, even though yielding means paying the consequences for at least the next several days.

Sometimes it feels like all the to-dos gather in the living room overnight Sunday, waiting to ambush me.  When I walk in Monday morning, they all crowd and clamor like unruly students:

"Pick me!"

"No, me first!"

"No, I was here first.  Get back in line!"

My natural inclination is often to silence the many distracting things by slipping on Martha's apron and getting down to business straight away.  Rationally, I know it is neither possible to do a week's tasks in a day nor beneficial to attempt it; sometimes, however, the pressure to produce shouts louder than reason.

The to-dos will never all be done.  If I hold off on worship and prayer, the one thing truly needful, until they are, then the one most important responsibility of my day will never be done.

Today, I seek to be Mary first, even if it means shoving all those to-dos in the closet and locking the door.  I seek to seek God's face before folding laundry, putting beans to soak for supper, or editing a document for a loved one.  Not all the list will be done today, but the only way for me to know what today's portion is (or what the next thing is), is to stop, ask, and listen to the One who made this day and me, the One who knows the limits of my time and strength and all the contingencies as yet unknown to me.

My morning reading encouraged that choice and shaped my prayers for us:

The LORD sits enthroned over the flood;
   the LORD is enthroned as King forever. 
The LORD gives strength to his people;
   the LORD blesses his people with peace.

The Lord is still on His throne today.  He is big enough for whatever the day holds.  May He grant strength to His people.  May He bless His people with peace.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to attend to that banging in the closet.

From the gratitude list, #3962-3970:
-The LORD sits enthroned over the flood
-Courage to choose the important over the urgent
-Skills to help a family member in a tough transition
-Grace to listen more than speaking in a conversation
-Parents' safe, on-time return from mission trip
-Lots of extra communication with a sister
-Full pantry and freezer
-Clean bill of health for the blog dog at his dental cleaning and check-up


  1. I relate to your personification of the to-do list. I think of it that way when I walk in the laundry room and pick the winner for the washer--whites, darks, or colors. Your wisdom of putting what really matters first is a good reminder I need over and over. The voices of the to-dos are demanding and loud at times.
    Wonderful gratitude list. Love it that you're in the 3000s, going on 4000s!!!

  2. @Amy Thank you for understanding, kind friend. I need the reminder, too, or it wouldn't have been written today! Most of this blog is what I need to remember and preach to myself.

    The high tally reflects the depth of need in a tough stretch of road. Choosing gratitude is good medicine.

    The Lord bless you today!

  3. I need this reminder too! I get so caught up in what needs to get done - or at least what I think needs to get done - that I forget to focus on what's most important. Great post - thank you!

  4. @Kelly You're welcome. God bless you and yours this week!


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