Sunday, July 17, 2022

A Meal in Six Words

"LORD, my Lord, my strong Savior, you shield my head on the day of battle."
Psalms 140:7 CSB

Morning summer sky, July 2022

Some days I read 5 chapters of daily bread only to find in 6 words the sustaining crumbs I need to bear me up: "LORD, my Lord, my strong Savior."

LORD: Yahweh, You are the eternal, self-existent, self-determining God, the I AM who brought such a one as I into covenant union that will never be broken, because it depends wholly on Your grace.

Thee I adore. 

My Lord: Adonai, my Lord and Master, ruler of all that is, seen or unseen. You alone have the right to lead, guide, direct, and discipline me. You provide all I need. I trust You even when what I need is affliction. You are good and do good. Teach me Your statutes.

Into Thy hands. Yes, I will.

My strong Savior: What comfort these words contain. You are "my" strong Savior, not in some general sense but mine personally. You are a "strong" Savior, because I am a great sinner, prone to wander and leave the God I love. If my rescue depended on my fortitude and strength, all would be lost. Hallelujah that it doesn't! I would need to be a much stronger sinner than even I am to wrest myself out of Your strong hand. You are a Savior, willing and able to rescue from the deepest, darkest pit of destruction and sin and death. You bore my sin and clothed me in Your righteousness that I might be reconciled to the Father and filled with the Spirit of holiness.

Lord, have mercy. 

LORD, my Lord,  my strong Savior, thank You. I worship You. May I worship You more fully, in spirit and in truth, in all my days and all my ways. Amen.

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