Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Remember {A Poem}

(Response to Psalms 77 & 78)

Remember,  O my soul,  lest you forget: 
Remember God's promises. 
Remember His works.
In the relentless, protracted unanswered prayers, 
Strengthen weak knees
With the memory of answers in your past. 
When pain strikes your soul with amnesia, 
Remember the victories of others.
Read, and remember:
The forty years of manna,
The water from a rock--
Elijah's widow's flour and oil,
Daniel's bed amid the lions, 
His friends' fourth man in the furnace, 
Peter's angelic locksmith,
Lazarus' vacant tomb.
Remember Corrie's vitamin bottle, 
Darlene's ninety-nine bananas,
The thousand unlikely eucatastrophes
You've heard and read and lived. 
Remember, O my soul, lest you forget; 
Lest you forget, remember. 

The active, conscious remembrance of God's past faithfulness
Fuels your perseverance in present faith.

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