Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Goodness and Mercy

You have only to turn round, or to swoon backward, and you will find yourself caught in the arms of God’s goodness and mercy, which are following you always. You may not realize that they are near; you may feel lonely, and sad, and desolate; it may be one of your bad days, sunless and dreary, without a ray of comfort or a flash of hope, surrounded by objects and forms of dread. Yet there, close by you, evident to God’s angels though veiled from your faithless sight, stand the glorious, loving, pitying forms of God’s infinite goodness, which cannot fail, and His tender mercy....

Now faith when in proper exercise, does two things. First, it reckons that a position belongs to it, which we do not feel, but which it dares to claim on the warrant of God’s Word. Second, it lays hold on the power of God to make that position a reality in daily and hourly experience.

~F. B. Meyer, The Shepherd Psalm, Kindle Locations 1011 and 1138

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