Sunday, May 8, 2016

Dear Mom, Thanks


Dear Mom,

Do you remember all the Easter/birthday/back-to-school dresses you made me? And how I inevitably picked the most complicated pattern but you made it anyway? Homecoming and graduation dresses, I'm looking at you.

Do you remember all the music lessons, medical appointments, and school events you drove me to? And all the plans you changed to stay home with me when I was sick?

Do you remember all the summer days we spent together with your mother, driving her on errands and visiting your dad after she could no longer care for him at home? I loved those days.

Do you remember taking me to the Merle Norman store and Clinique counter for makeup pointers when I was trying to figure out this growing-up thing?

Do you remember "rafting" the Delaware River?

Do you remember all the sister squabbles you settled?

Do you remember all the school paper ideas I bounced off you in the kitchen while you prepared supper?

Do you remember the many places we've shared afternoon tea? In fact, do you remember initiating me to the pleasures of tea and morning oatmeal to begin with?

Do you remember the many, many, many notes you placed in my lunch bag or suitcase, just in case I thought you forgot me while I was at school or traveling? My husband benefits from that training, by the way.

Do you remember all the Revelation! choir tours you chaperoned?

Do you remember all the Bible studies, retreats, conferences, and simulcasts we've attended together?

Mama, you are amazing, and I don't tell you often enough. For all this and more, thank you. I couldn't ask for a more loving and generous mother. I love you! Happy Mother's Day!

Love always,
your Sonshine

Now... Same smile

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