Monday, December 12, 2011

The Dirty Truth

Cat in the garden,
Dog out the door,
Mud on the carpet,
Jeans clean no more.

Mama grabs the washcloth;
Puppy tries to hide;
A chase ensues all through the house;
Next time, let's play inside!

(Disclaimer:  it's not all tea and quilts and snuggles at Wits' End.)

Seriously, though, please join me in the chorus of thanksgiving for God's many gifts:
Mud, plenty of mud
One of the cutest Christmas photos ever in the mail
Phone visits with family
Listening to my grandmother's Pearl Harbor memories
New lavatory faucet that doesn't drip
Indoor plumbing
Water safe for drinking and hand washing
Going to bed with a full stomach
Warm blankets, coat, scarves, hats
God's timing to protect us from temptation
Kindred spirits in surprising places
Tree lit and ornamented
Pink poinsettias
Memories of poinsettia trees overhanging the roads in Vietnam
Wrapped packages slowly appearing
Making lists
Checking items off
Christmas music everywhere
Remembering a birthday in time to send a card
Working weekends
Relatives protected from serious harm in a car accident
One of Santa's elves jogging past us at the park (yes, really)
(gratitude list #2376-2396)

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  1. Delightful! Well, I'm glad the mud could end up delightful. Seems mud of the heart is why we needed Jesus to come here in the first place. Dogs sure do bring the real to life:) Love your whole list. I was just thanking God for warm water in the shower this morning, so your indoor plumbing resonated here. Glad you're enjoying this Advent season, friend.

  2. I was just thinking the other day how I take for granted that I can simply turn the faucet and get hot water....or we can drink directly from the tap. And if it weren't for Ann Voskamp, I may never have stopped to actually allow the thought and thanksgiving to register. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Agreed about the "mud of the heart" and thanking God for warm showers on chilly mornings. Thank you as always for your kind words. Blessed Advent to you, Amy.

  4. Ann appears on my gratitude list many times. God is using her to cause thanksgiving to overflow, isn't He? Reading stories of life in other parts of the world has also opened my eyes and shown me more gifts for which to thank Him. I'm so glad you came by and took time to share your thoughts. Grace and peace to you in Jesus today.

  5. I hope very soon that I will too have a new faucet that doesn't drip! And, I love your verse!

  6. Thank you, Jen. God bless you in the waiting for the repair/replacement. :( Blessed Advent to you!

  7. Just look at your sweet boy! Love that picture and how it illustrates your story. You gave this dog-lover a smile tonight. A very fun (if not messy) playdate :).

  8. glad to be of service. :) thanks for coming by, Laura.

  9. Sweet poem. I enjoyed reading of your thanksgiving in the present. So many little presents of "presence" if we will just look!

  10. Thank you, friend. God bless you in your Christmas preparations.


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