Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Advent 2: Peace

The suffering saints cried out, "How long, O Lord?
How long until You come to reign and judge?
Your covenant with Abraham, is it
Forgotten? Grace depleted? Favor spent?"

Then cried a Babe, God's answer in the flesh:
The Prince of Peace who came to reign and save;
The promises, so many, realized
At last as Yahweh whispers, "I am here."

Linking up a day late to Laura and a day early to Ann:


  1. "I am Here." Is there anything more wonderful?!

  2. He is here! How beautifully written!

  3. This is beautiful, hope filled, and oh so God filled. "Yahweh whispers, 'I am here.'" Yes. This is the key to everything. He is here. And, oh, how grateful I am that there is no such thing as "grace depleted" in Him, though how many years of my life did I believe it was so? No more. I know it now in the kind of knowing that changes who you are. His Grace is never depleted. Thank you for this, dear friend.

  4. i like this series of poems! in a strange way, Christmas--or better, preparations for the Christmas holiday--can make me lose sight of Advent, in a way that, by contrast, Easter never makes me lose sight of Lent. Your poems are an excellent antidote to that...

  5. Surely not, yet how different from what we wanted and thought we needed? His ways are not ours.

  6. Thank you. Grace to you in Jesus!

  7. Agreed, "no such thing as 'grace depleted' in Him." We all believe and/or feel it to be so at some point(s). You are not alone in that. I'm so thankful for the honesty of the Psalms to let us all know that, that we are not alone in the doubt and dark times.

    You're welcome. Thanks for your kind words. Grace upon grace to you, Courtney.

  8. "Series of poems"? We'll see what comes this week. [Smile] At any rate, I'm mulling over "joy" and Advent and hoping for something, poem or not, on that theme. Thanks for your kind words.


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