Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Prayer

God of the wildflowers,
I worship You.
Profligate sower of beauty
In unexpected fields of pink and white,

In a cluster of purple iris peeking
Royal heads out from the underbrush,

Photo credit: Big Al
In flashes of perfume
Lavished on wild honeysuckle vines
Scampering up tree, over bridge,
Like a schoolboy at recess—
Photo credit: Big Al
I give You praise.

Forgive my false belief
That You,
God of the wildflowers,
Would be any less generous
With me.

Let Your bright gaze
Open my heart
And affections
Like morning glories.

Since it's Monday, I give thanks in community to the God of heaven and earth and wildflowers for
~Beautiful colors and forms in His creation
~Sermons in the flowers
~His patience with this little-faith
~New book-friends
~Specific prayers specifically answered
~How He amazes me with His grace in this online place
~The first in-season strawberries after a two-week dental delay.  Yum!
~Very informative rheumatology appointment which clarified some expectations about the costochondritis recovery and encouraged me about my bone health
~Mom's fellowship in the car to and from said appointment
~Chocolate-chip scones made by my sister.  More yum!
~Graduation announcement from a healthy, beautiful, talented niece
~Allen plants, Allen waters, but God causes the growth. . . .
The central clump is before; the rest of the fine, green "hair" is after. Part of the yard, at least, is showing progress.
~more new neighbors at the bird buffet
One of these red-headed finches is Atticus; Bachelor #2 will receive a name if he sticks around long enough.
~The last Pioneer Spirit rose from the first bloom

(from my gratitude list, #139-152)
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  1. Just so beautiful! Morning glories and honeysuckle . . . I love them both and found it wonderful how you used these in your poem today. Thank you for sharing that! And the picures ---- they just tell it all!

  2. Your words and photos truly bring Spring to Life.
    Chocolate Chip scones? Sound delicious!
    Rejoicing that you received some encouraging news on the health of your bones.

  3. @Cora from Hidden Riches Thank you, Cora. Morning glories are one of my favorites, but we don't have any in the neighborhood this year, so they didn't make the photo album. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

    The Lord bless and keep you!

  4. @Amy Yes, the scones were delicious. (My sisters are more diligent cooks than I am.) It took great restraint to save Allen's until he was in the mood for it. :)

    Perhaps I'll give more news on the dr's visit later. Mainly, it helped to hear that one of the two areas scanned is still stable compared to last year and to learn more about the risks and benefits of treating immediately versus waiting.

    Welcome back! I hope the laundry and groceries aren't overwhelming you like they do me after traveling. The Lord bless you!

  5. "Forgive my false belief That You, God of the wildflowers, Would be any less generous With me." Lovely, lovely poem/prayer. I loved this in your thankful list "beautiful colors and forms in His creation." Blessings, friend.

  6. @pathoftreasure Thank you so much, friend. It is not to my credit that after 24 years I still so often expect the back of God's hand in discipline rather than His open hand in grace. This piece attempts to capture one of His gentle rebukes and calls to respond differently. I'm glad it resonated with you.

    Blessings to you, also! Grace and peace in Jesus Christ.


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