Monday, April 4, 2011

A Family That Plays Together

    "We need to understand that God does at times give us an infusion of joy even in our bitterness and hard-heartedness.  But that is the abnormal situation.  God's normal means of bringing his joy is by redeeming and sanctifying the ordinary junctures of human life.  When the members of a family are filled with love and compassion and a spirit of service to one another, that family has reason to celebrate.
". . . Joy is found in obedience.  When the power that is in Jesus reaches into our work and play and redeems them, there will be joy where once there was mourning.  To overlook this is to miss the meaning of the Incarnation" (Richard Foster, Celebration of Discipline, 193).
Thank You, Lord, for. . .
4207. Lovely weather and a shady spot for Dad's family birthday picnic
4208. My sun protection umbrella arrived in time for the time outside
4209. Ability to take part in the family gathering
4210. Husband, parents, sisters, brother-in-law, and nephews all together for celebration
4211. Hugs
4212. Birthday cake two weekends in a row
4213. Recovered equilibrium from two bits of negative health news this week
4214. Not always getting what I want
4215. Dental insurance
4216. Doctors with nurses' lines available for advice
4217. The One who made my bones to begin with is able to sustain and strengthen them
4218. A lovely, spontaneous e-mail conversation about books with a friend working in the Middle East
4219. Another unexpected e-mail conversation with a high school friend with a different autoimmune disease
4220. She "gets it" without my having to explain
4221. A wonderful, wise, grace-filled novel I'm just meeting for the first time
4222. A comment and a note confirming that God is answering my prayer-desire to serve and encourage cross-cultural workers in this place
4223. The joy of community through Ann Voskamp's Monday Multitudes and Walk with Him Wednesday lists
4224. Waking up to thunder and heavy rain today in a dry year so far
4225. How did I forget? Three generations of boys playing with Grandpa's childhood train set :)


  1. A wonderful list. I just put that umbrella in my cart--with a history of melanoma I can use the wise protection. So glad yours arrived in time to enjoy the family celebration. Sorry about the negative health news. Blessings for a week of Joy found in Obedience (great Richard Foster quote).

  2. @Amy Enjoy your umbrella! Mine seems quite sturdy on first impression, but it hasn't faced a real wind test yet.

    The health news is pretty minor, relatively speaking. More on that another day.

    May you experience the same blessings in your week!

  3. Someone who "gets it" without an explanation! Isn't that just the greatest? Maybe because it reminds me of how our Heavenly Father is, too. Just to know I don't have to give long explanations is so inviting!!!! And when we have someone with skin on who is like that, well --- it's like having a little big of Jesus by your side! Thanks for sharing today! Would have loved some of that birthday cake with you!

  4. @Cora from Hidden Riches Thank you for making that connection for me, Cora. I had overlooked it, and you are exactly right.

    I would have been glad to share the cake, too. Maybe Someday we can.

    The Lord be with you and bless you.

  5. wonderful list!! I love that you're in the FOUR thousands already - I just started today. :)


  6. OH my goodness. Is that downtown? I think that is where I had my prom pictures :)

  7. @songskatesang Yes, Haggard Park downtown. It's entirely possible you had your prom pictures there. :)

  8. @Lauren Thank you for stopping by, Lauren. Congratulations on starting your own list! May the Lord bless you in that practice.


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