Friday, March 25, 2011

Twelve Years Ago. . .

Twelve years ago today, my favorite fella asked if he could ride with me the following night from seminary to book club.  Same point A to same point B. . . .  Sure, no problem.  That's what friends do.

Twelve years ago tomorrow, he drove my car to book club.  He insisted on buying me supper en route, "since it's your car and gasoline."  I suggested New York Subs.  He chose La Madeleine.  (Hmm, that's unexpected.)

After book club, he of course needed a ride to pick up his car at the home of his morning carpool.  When we had picked up his car, he felt like doing some coffee-house evangelism.  Did I want to come?  (Wait, didn't we just have book club at a coffee house?)

At the second coffee house, after he ordered his coffee and I ordered hot water for the tea bag in my purse, we adjourned to the patio, since the live music inside made evangelism and all other conversation impossible inside.  There he asked if I would be interested in moving on from friendship to courtship, and the whole evening made sense.

I replied that I couldn't think of a nicer honor, to which he replied, "What?"

"What, 'What?'"

"I mean, what did you say?  I'm not sure I heard you correctly the first time."

"I said, 'I couldn't think of a nicer honor.'"

"Oh, okay.  I guess next I need to talk to your dad."

"Well, they sent the mobile phone with me.  Should we just call them now?"  We did, to set up an in-person meeting the next day.  We talked a while longer, he took my hand for the first time and prayed with me for the first time.  Then he went home, and I went to my guest room for the night.  I didn't sleep much.

Twelve years ago Sunday, we celebrated his birthday together for the first time by having lunch with my parents, where he asked and received permission to court me.  He also received a tie I'd bought that morning.  He actually wore ties then, since one was required for seminary dress code.  That was rather a nice dress code.

Twelve years ago we began a journey that so far has taken us around the world and back.  We still enjoy coffee houses and La Madeleine.  We still laugh at our goofy selves on a regular basis.  More importantly, it is still my great honor to go out on his arm, whether to the doctor or a dinner date.  He has only grown in my esteem over this last year as he has gracefully learned a new level of sacrificial service, attentiveness, and loving me more than himself.

{Happy birthday, my love.  May this decade be the best yet.}


  1. Happy twelve years! Your story gave me chills. What a journey in so many ways.

    I can relate to the teabag in the purse:) I've never been to La Madeleine, but it sounds wonderful.

    Happy Birthday to your husband. He sounds like a wonderful man. Reminds me of mine--when I was sick and had trouble sleeping, he would read me the Psalms. Peace. That's when the refining fire shows you the depth and purity of love.

    Blessings and continued Love to you both.

  2. @Amy Thank you on all accounts. Yes, he is a wonderful man.

    Maybe someday God will grant that you and I can share a pot of tea so I can hear more of your story, the illness and healing and how He has shaped you. I am ever grateful for your presence with me in this place.

    Grace and peace to you in Jesus.

  3. I am so happy for your marrying the right man the first time: for your having--from the outset--wisdom and discernment and Jesus in the very middle. You have spared yourself so much pain.

    Happy Birthday to your beloved!

  4. @Brandee Shafer Thank you, dear heart. We have had our share of struggles and sins like everyone does. :) Thankfully, there is grace abundant enough for ALL of us, grace for forgiveness, healing, and turning the broken places into fruitfulness and even service.

    I know others' marriage stories start off much differently than ours, but I only know my own and only interpret that through my mortal eyes.

    As long as there is life and trust in God, friend, there is opportunity for redemption and God's glory.

    Grace and peace to you in Christ!


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