Monday, March 7, 2011

How Quickly I Forget (On Numbers)

How quickly I forget that the census numbers are only a small part of the Biblical book of Numbers.

How quickly I forget the many great, pivotal, true stories found there, even though the New Testament refers back to several of them.

How quickly I forget how quickly the Israelites forgot the miracle of the manna, wailing, "We're all gonna die!" whenever no water was in sight.

How quickly they forgot the Passover, the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud and fire leading them through unknown territory.  They forgot and despaired that the conquest of the Promised Land was too hard, the people too numerous and powerful, their own strength too little.

How quickly I forget that seeds of complaint ripen into fruit of rebellion, a "no" heart towards God, and even idolatry; that complaining equates to rejecting and despising God (Numbers 11:20); that fear is disobedience and unbelief (Numbers 14:9-11; Hebrews 3:12-15).

How quickly I forget. . .

So I remember Truth by reading it again and again.  I remember God's goodness by slowing down to count His gifts.

Thank You, Lord, for
~Israel's example and God's glory recorded in Numbers
~Invitation to change my behavior in response to God's perspective on Israel's
~Yahweh's jealousy for my affections and trust
~His patience not to write me off because of complaints and fears
~Comic irony (yes, even in Scripture!) of the blind seer and the seeing donkey (Numbers 22-24)
~Curses turned to blessings (see item above)
~Disciplining Your children because You love us too much to leave us in our sins
~Daffodils, Bradford pears, and redbuds blooming out
~Gift of new poem after dry spell
~Celebrating sister's birthday
~Husband taking time off work to accompany me to the doctor downtown.  Again.  He is too good.
~Three consecutive nights of sound sleep
~New pain medicine improving costochondritis control
~Loving prayers undergirding me
~Practicing gratitude in community, week by week
(from the gratitude journal, #4040-4054)


  1. I forget quickly. . . so glad to read the reminders. Blessings for more poems and good rest:)

  2. Brandee, you are too gracious. Thank you for your faithful encouragement.

    Amy, me, too (obviously). Thank you for the blessings. The Lord bless you also!

  3. It takes a while to read all the lists and it’s impossible to get to them all. But here I am – and glad I came again.

    And my first thought is how quickly I forget I’m so much like those Israelites. :(

    And you might remember I pick faves - and today this was my fave from your list: ~Practicing gratitude in community, week by week (it really is a life changing thing – what Ann has begun – it is rippling through the kingdom)

    I was blessed by this today. Thank you.

    May God watch over and guide you and all of yours.

  4. @Craig Thank you for coming back, Craig. I'm glad you came and found blessing here. Your time and comments bless me.

    Yes, I'm like the Israelites, too. Thank God for grace! Also, I agree with you about the ripples of the gratitude community. A gratitude list was part of my practice before I knew of Ann, but the community aspect she offers enriches it tremendously.

    May God watch over and guide you and yours, as well.

  5. I forget so quickly, too!!!! But God's grace is greater than my forgetfulness and He draws me back every time! Listing the gratitudes has been such a wonderful experience for me, and reading lists and comments like yours make it even more wonderful! Thank you so much!!!!

  6. @Cora from Hidden Riches We all forget quickly, I think. I so appreciate the honesty of the Scriptures in showing us God's grace to the forgetful who have gone before.

    Thank you so much for your visit and comment. The Lord bless you!


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