Wednesday, June 26, 2024


Grief is the soul’s totality—

Quenching color, light, song—

Darkness engulfing light,

Stars and planets twinkling 

At midday, breath stolen,

Chill breeze sweeping warmth away—

The light of God’s own countenance seems

Extinguished in the weeping vale.

Yet, though obscured, the sun still shines,

Undimmed, undamaged, undiminished.

Cosmic pebble nearest pale blue dot

Blocks from this dust speck’s eyes

The giant flaming star round which

Revolves the solar system.

Light flees,

But no sun departs;

Small obstacle in close proximity

Hides its great and glorious distant radiance.

Slithering shadow snakes snap at heels,

Unenvenomed phantom enemies,

No more harming sky-gazers

Than moon can harm sun.

This terror of great darkness,

Portentous and awesome—

Casting beholders facedown in dust and ashes,

In confused anguish and loss,

Foundations shaken—

Lasts only light and momentary minutes,

Measured by eternity’s rule.

However endless seconds seem,

They are but a blink, a breath,

Now, for a little time, if needed,

Until grave is swallowed up in victory.

Soon, soon, and very soon,

We shall always be with the Lord:

No more darkness, no more death;

Sorrow and sighing flee like stars 

At the sun’s resplendent revelation.

In the darkness, we wait.

In the darkness, we trust.

In the darkness, we hope

In unchanging truth:

The sun shines on;

God’s promises fail not;

His faithfulness endures,

While we see it not.

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