Saturday, August 26, 2023

God of Waifs and Strays (A Prayer)

But first, some photos of a black and white warbler we met at Lake Tawakoni State Park last month:

Listen to me pray these words over you

For those feeling a bit left behind, lost, or rejected

O God,

Friend of the waifs and strays and ragamuffins,

Meet us today in the pain of rejection,

In the shame of neediness,

In the wounding words,

Especially those in the mouths of those called to comfort,

And those committed to heal.

Some of us bring you such a pauperly offering, but the best and only one we have:

Hearts bruised and battered

Yet still beating,

Still taking a beating,

Turned away, turned against, turned aside.

Thank You, my Rock and my Redeemer.

You never reject those who come to You in faith.

You welcome and do not shame our neediness.

When You speak wounding words,

They are the wounds of a surgeon's scalpel,

Precisely aimed at mending and restoring.

You are able to heal broken hearts.

You deal tenderly with crushed spirits and bruised souls.

You never turn away, turn against, turn aside from

Those You rescued through the blood of Your Son.

You call the worthless worthy,

The helpless, graced,

The cast off, cherished.

O God of the waifs and strays and ragamuffins,

Make the felt consolation of Your intimate companionship

As strong and sweet as a cuppa comfort.

Bring to our hearts and minds songs and verses

Best suited to the moment of need.

Open the ears of our hearts to hear your love song

Over us, the waifs and strays and ragamuffins

(But your waifs and strays and ragamuffins).

I ask this in the name of Jesus the Savior,

Who came gladly into our shabby poverty,

That He might make us princes and princesses

In the kingdom of His Father.


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