Sunday, July 2, 2023

Lonely Lord’s Day

Honeybee on open sunflower

If this Lord's Day has found you at home, alone, again—
Exiled from corporate worship through circumstances outside your control, whether health, geography, caregiving, travel, disaster, or something else—
I understand. I live there too. 
More importantly, the Lord Jesus understands.

If you belong to Him, you may be lonely, but you are never alone, never abandoned, never alienated or separated from Him. The Triune God dwells in you. Nothing in heaven or on earth can separate you from Him or His love. "No power of hell, no schemes of man can ever pluck" you "from His hand."

May He fill you with the consolation of His love today. May He make the theological reality of communion with Him your lived reality. May He cleanse your grief and lament of all bitterness or resentment towards any people whose decisions have brought about your present sorrow. May He make your solitude His sanctuary, your wilderness His castle, your home a hermitage of intimacy with Him. May He fill your prison with the sunshine of His face. If He is all you have, may you find He is enough and more. No matter how alone you seem or feel, if you have Christ, you have everything. ❤️‍🩹

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