Sunday, December 18, 2022

Bookish News

Happy and blessed Advent, crumbles!

If you follow me on Instagram (@crumbsfromhistable), this first bit is old news, but bear with me.

One of my essays was included in a real, live, printed book which released earlier this month. Keeping It Real with Arthritis is a collection of stories by patients and caregivers worldwide who are affected by the many dozens of types of arthritis. The ebook is included in the Kindle Unlimited library. Both paperback and ebook are available here (affiliate link):

In the next bit of writing news, I have gathered my writing related to Advent and Christmas into an ebook (PDF) as a gift for my email subscribers. If you already read blog posts by email, you should have already received the link. If you didn’t and it isn’t in your spam, please email me (reply to the email with this post) and we’ll sort it out. 

At some future date this collection may be offered for purchase on Amazon, but for now the only way to receive it is to subscribe to this blog by email. I pray it blesses and encourages you. You are welcome to print it out and/or send it to your e-reader. If you want to share it with a friend, I’d be grateful if you encouraged your friend to join you as a subscriber.

There are several more blog posts on my heart for the rest of the year and start of 2023, but this month has not looked at all as expected or hoped. We'll see. If I prove unable to post again before Christmas, I nevertheless pray you know the sweetness and joy of Christ's presence and love at Christmas and always, no matter the details of your circumstances in earthly terms.

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