Wednesday, October 27, 2021


Harvest moon 2021 at sunrise

No matter how things look, the moon is always round, and God is always good.

crescent moon at sunset

When the moon appears a waning crescent, still it is round. 

gibbous moon rising next to a pine tree

When it waxes gibbous, still it is round.

half moon at twilight

New or full or in between, still it is round. 

full moon

Sometimes circumstances hide God's face from us for a while, and sometimes His goodness shines so brightly we must hide our faces. Either way, we must continually betake ourselves back to His unchanging Word for the unchanging truth, our North Star:

God is always good, and His steadfast love endures forever. 

(Many thanks to Jonathan Gibson's children's book The Moon Is Always Round for this idea. Affiliate link.)

The Moon Is Always Round, by Jonathan Gibson

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