Saturday, May 22, 2021

Wings to fly into rest in You

"Lord Jesus, most loving spouse, 
who shall give me wings of perfect love,
    that I may fly up from worldly miseries and rest in you? 
Oh, when shall I ascend to you,
    and feel how sweet you are?
 When shall I gather myself to you so perfectly
    that I shall not, for your love, consider myself
       but only you, above myself and above all worldly things? 

"Come to me, I pray, in love. 
Often I mourn the miseries of this life
    and suffer them with sorrow.

"Troubles darken my thinking and hinder my thoughts,
    turning my mind from you,
    so I no longer desire you as I should,
    nor enjoy your sweet comforts,
    though they are always present for me. 
I beg you, Lord Jesus,
    may the sighs of my heart move you to hear me. 

"O Jesus, King of everlasting glory,
    the joy and comfort of all Christian people,
    who wander as pilgrims in the wilderness of this world, 
my heart cries to you in unspoken desires, 
and my silence speaks to you and says,

"'How long will you wait, my Lord God, to come to me?'
Come, O Lord, and visit me,
    for without you I have no true joy;
    without you my soul is heavy and sad. 

"I am in prison and bound with chains of sorrow,
    until you, O Lord, with your gracious presence,
    condescend to visit me,
       to bring me again liberty and joy,
          to show your gracious face to me. 

"Show the greatness of your goodness,
    and let your power be glorified in me;
    for I have no other hope or refuge
    except in you and you alone, my Lord and my God."

 Catherine Parr, final wife of Henry VIII (1512-1548)

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