Monday, November 30, 2020

The Unhinged Soul’s Best Friend

"A good man in devout prayer can spread his hopes and his joys before the Lord as well as his sorrows, fears, and distresses. Here at the mercy seat we may confess how great our sins are, and pray for pardoning grace. As we draw near, we can tell him... how the world strikes at our senses, ears, eyes, and outward faculties to draw us away from God our best friend.... I can share my perplexity of mind, and that I realize how few hours I devote in my communion with him. I would tell him of my temporal troubles and spread before him all the sorrows and vexations of life that unhinge my soul from its centre and throw me off my guard. I would not go away without a word for my family and friends that are far from God, and put in a word of petition for them that are careless. I would weep for my children, brothers or sisters, that they might be brought near to him. Why do we delight to tell him all of our circumstances and sorrows?—Because he is our best friend, and it soothes the soul to unburden our cares in the bosom of a friend. This is the noblest and highest friendship. Amazing grace of God to man! Rejoice in this, and delight in all opportunity to employ and improve it."
~Isaac Watts (1674-1748)

The soul-naked, gut-honest
Emptying the junk drawer of my heart—
Comes hard these days.
These obdurate days,
I guard my bruised and frangible heart
As I favor a wounded limb.
My rational self knows no need
To protect myself from my Father,
But what of grief is rational?
This tender heart fears—
If the guard comes down—
The ache would overflow
In torrents of unshed tears.
Here I am again, Lord,
Shedding my armor
Of avoidance and distraction
At the foot of your throne of grace,
To receive the merciful medicine
These hard days need.

~crlm, 11/17/20

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