Thursday, May 21, 2020


"The language of the saint who draws near to the throne of God's majesty says—
before I saw His sovereignty,
I was prone to be stubborn and quarrel with God
because of the difficult duties He imposed upon me
and the difficult dispensations I was made to pass through.
But now, I can quarrel no more with any duty or difficulty, [sic.]
I submit to all His will.
Whatever He will have me to be—that I am!
Whatsoever He bids me do—that I do!
It is only fit that He should be my sovereign.
I give myself afresh to Him,
and forever,
that He may dispose of me according to His own will,
for His own glory.
It is only fit that He should be the ultimate end of all that I can be,
and all that I can do,
for He is my sovereign."

Isaac Watts

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