Saturday, April 4, 2015

Silent Sabbath

In silent Sabbath after Cross,
Disciples hid themselves away
For fear they’d share their Rabbi’s fate.
How little did they dream the hush
Was prelude to defeat of death
And their salvation by His life,
Just as He promised: Christ would rise,
Defying unbelief—locked doors,
Blocked tomb, locked hearts no obstacle
To Resurrection, Life, and Light.

N.B. That the disciples had already hidden behind locked doors on the Saturday immediately following the Crucifixion is an extrapolation. The Scriptures say clearly that they rested on the Sabbath according to the commandment and that by Sunday they were sequestered behind locked doors for fear of the Jews (Luke 23:56 and John 20:19). The suggestion in the poem seems at least plausible, but in truth the Scriptures are silent about that Saturday, so take the idea with a sprinkling of salt.

That said, dear Crumble, if you await resurrection in some deep sorrow in your life, take heart. God's apparent silence does not denote His inactivity or His intention not to bring about eucatastrophe in your dire need. If we learn anything from the silence of Holy Saturday, let it be that. May you and I find strength to persevere in trusting God in the waiting.

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