Monday, February 25, 2013

How Quickly We Forget

How quickly I forget that the census numbers are only a small part of the Biblical book of Numbers.

How quickly I forget the many great, pivotal, true stories found there, even though the New Testament refers back to several of them.

How quickly I forget how quickly the Israelites forgot the miracle of the manna, wailing, "We're all gonna die!" whenever no water was in sight.

How quickly they forgot the Passover, the Red Sea, the pillar of cloud and fire leading them through unknown territory.  They forgot and despaired that the conquest of the Promised Land was too hard, the people too numerous and powerful, their own strength too little.

How quickly I forget that seeds of complaint ripen into fruit of rebellion, a "no" heart towards God, and even idolatry; that complaining equates to rejecting and despising God (Numbers 11:20); that fear is disobedience and unbelief (Numbers 14:9-11; Hebrews 3:12-15).

How quickly I forget. . .

So I remember Truth by reading it again and again.  I remember God's goodness by slowing down to count His gifts.

Thank You, Father,
for the life and ministry of Prof (Dr. Howard Hendricks)
for Christians who finish this life well
for marriages that last 66 years, both partners faithful until death parts them
for my physical therapist's extra time Wednesday to perform additional diagnostic tests for upper body pain
for a new strategy (decompression machine) for my back
for guiding PT Dave to a way to extend my therapy prescription without interruption or time/energy/financial cost of an additional doctor's visit
for a new coffee maker when Sir Cuisie died quietly during the night Wednesday
for Allen's presence at home next to the refrigerator Friday when an electrical relay failed, sizzled, and smoked
for protecting us from the fire that would have resulted otherwise
for a good, honest, local appliance repairman coming out on Saturday at no extra charge
for a problem that could be repaired
for strength to help A. with errands Saturday
for inheriting his cold
for his quick recovery
for a chilly day perfect for staying home in warm pjs, maybe even all day
for a clean bill of health for Ebony at annual check-up and dental cleaning last week
for solace in time of need
for God's patient instruction and relentless transformation of His children
for the grace of this edited repost on a day of rest
(gratitude journal #9392-9410)


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