Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Martha, Martha: A Poem

This week I've been very aware that my own restless choices have been keeping me from the best uses of the time given me.  I've started pushing through discomfort and fatigue again, even though I know that's a recipe for disaster for me.  This old poem came to mind and spoke to me, so perhaps someone else needs it, too.  It derives from Luke 10:38-42.

Martha, Martha

Sit still, My child; no need for haste;
Still, at My feet, shall be thy place.
Thy strength lies in that quietness;
My daughter, return to thy rest.

Through rest, not toil, the victory’s won;
Only through Me, thy work is done.
Come, weary one, and know thy best:
To lean thy head on Abba’s breast.

~crm, 2000 or so


  1. What a nice poem. I love the story of Mary and Martha; don't you? I wrote something about them, once, on myspace. I'll have to look for it.

    I'm praying for you, today. It can be so frustrating when we have all these things we want to do but don't have enough energy/health/space/time/whatever to accomplish them. It can be hard to let go. But your blog post, this morning, spiraled helping out into the universe, so that's a very good and important thing.

  2. @Brandee Shafer Hello, friend! Thank you for your prayers and gracious encouragement today.

    Yes, I love that story. Once I identified with Mary and found validation in this text, but every year I see more Martha tendencies that NEED these words for correction.

    We never get to the end of our need for Scriptures, do we?

    Grace and peace to you today!


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