Friday, August 13, 2010

Mother's Day

Mom and I at a women's conference, 2005

In honor of my mother's birthday, here are 13 of the many things I appreciate about her:
  1. Her smile that comes from inside and fills her whole face
  2. Her uninhibited laugh
  3. Her gift of making friends everywhere she goes
  4. Her generosity with family, friends, neighbors, and strangers in need
  5. The way she makes even small occasions a celebration
  6. Her excellent nursing skills and bedside manner
  7. Her commitment to put people ahead of her to-do list
  8. Our shared enjoyment of hot tea, old movies, books, piano, and retreats
  9. Love and advocacy for at-risk children and immigrants
  10. Open-door hospitality
  11. Devotion as wife, mother, grandmother, and daughter
  12. Taxi service with a smile
  13. Empathetic listening to hurting hearts
My mother and my friend, I love you!  Happy birthday!


  1. Oh my heavens... she hasn't aged a day! Oh, I have so many fond memories of your childhood home and your mother. She was always so kind to me! Happy birthday!

  2. Good thing she wasn't born on the 31st :) But I know you wouldn't have had any problem adding to this great list.


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